The fear of offending people and the ultimate good of the society

Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Last week, I engaged a consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist in a WhatsApp chat on some of the pieces I share widely on group platforms including professional platforms.

He made a statement that got me worried and thinking:

Why do you want to make it seem like you are progressive and the rest of us are retrogressive?

Many questions came to mind:

  1. Is this all he sees about my piece(s)?

  2. How many people also think this way?

  3. Should I change my style of writing or stop writing altogether so that I don’t ‘offend’ these people?

I had never thought about my pieces this way. My aim has always been to bring out issues from different angles, especially from the angles many people talk about privately but are often afraid or reluctant to bring out publicly.

As I put my pieces together in a book, it is my aim that even if the current generation does not like what I write, a future generation may find some positive things in what I have written and hopefully the society will get better.

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