Happy 90th birthday, Dr. Stefan Seidl! Celebrating a retired colposcopist whose impact continues to be felt across Ghana.

Today ( Monday, December 27, 2021) is the 90th birthday of Dr. Stefan Seidl, a retired colposcopist from Hamburg, Germany.
Happy birthday, My ‘Scientific Grandfather,’ Dr. Seidl!

Dr Stefan Seidl & Myself

I call Dr. Seidl my ‘Scientific Grandfather.’ He calls me his ‘Scientific Grandson.’ Dr. Seidl was in Catholic Hospital, Battor in November 2008 to teach me Basic Colposcopy, sponsored by the German Rotary Volunteer Doctors (GRVD). Under the same arrangement In 2009, he came back to Battor to teach me Advanced Colposcopy. He taught me how to treat precancerous lesions of the cervix with Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP).

When I was in Berlin, Germany in 2010/2011 studying Gynaecologic Oncology, I attended his colposcopy courses in Lüneburg and in Vivantes Klinikum, Neukölln, Berlin when he was invited by my boss, Dr. Uwe Torsten.

When I came back to Ghana, Dr. Seidl gave me his teaching materials, including what he developed himself for colposcopy simulation, which gives excellent 3 stereoscopic images for training/learning (attached pictures). All the over 250 health workers (nurses, midwives, physician assistants, medical doctors) who have been trained at the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre (CCPTC) in Catholic Hospital, Battor have experienced Dr. Seidl’s colposcopy simulation.

We remain grateful for your impact and wish you good health!
I am holding the baton, preparing to pass it on to the next generation.
Be proud that your work continues to save many lives!


A very rare case of melanotic schwannoma of the vagina managed in Battor with Dr. Seidl:

Melanotic Schwannoma of the Vagina: A Report of a Very Rare Tumor and Review of the Literature

Kofi Effah, Stefan Seidl, Edith
Gorges, and Patrick Kafui Akakpo

  1. Francis says

    Happy birthday Sir. Ghana is grateful for mentoring such a great son of the land who is doing wonders for the country. Kindly not that whatever resources you spent in training Dr. Effah was very well spent and is yielding multiple fruits for Ghana and mankind. It my prayer that the Almighty God gives you very healthy and peaceful life. Happy birthday

  2. Ivy Amenuvor says

    Glorious birthday day Dr. Seidl, wish you long life and good health

  3. Dr Boanerges Nartey says

    Happy birthday Doctor Stefan . Longlife and good health.. May you live to 150 years.. Doctor Boanerges Nartey

  4. Margaret Louis-Tagbor says

    Happy happy birthday our dear Father Dr. Stafan Seidl. May the good Lord endow you with more wisdom and love. May he open the flood gate of success and blessings. May he bless you with more years in good health. Your seed of work planted in God’s healing Ministry on Earth will continue to bare wonderful amazing fruits till the end of time

  5. Dora Owusu Ansah says

    Happy glorious birthday Dr. God bless you

  6. Priscilla Annan says

    Glorious 90th birthday celebration 🎂 Dr.
    Live long in strength and good health. You are warmly appreciated.

  7. Kueliho Edna says

    Happy birthday Dr Seidl.

  8. George Tettey Quaye says

    Happy blessed birthday Doctor, your legacy is really leading on, God bless you more and more


    Happy birthday to you Dr live long in strength and good health . Merry Christmas to u too

  10. Buah Bosque-Hamilton says

    Great men always leave a legacy. Dr. Stefan Seidl, your fame and greatness are world renowned. Ghana 🇬🇭 and Africa will continue to benefit from your benevolence. Happy 90th birthday 🎂🎊🎉

  11. Buah Bosque-Hamilton says

    Great men always leave legacies. Dr. Stefan Seidl, Ghana 🇬🇭 and Africa will continue to benefit from your benevolence. Happy 90th birthday 🎂 🎊🎉

  12. Esther Lamptey -Mills says

    Happy Glorious birthday Dr Seidl, you are a blessing to we” cervical cancer advocates.
    God bless you

  13. Dr Dartey says

    Happy birthday to you sir. May you continue to be a blessing to us

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