Sycophancy: woes of Kwaku Nkrabea (Part 9)

Sunday, January 8, 2023.

Senior High Schools reopen. Unethical demands from parents and public. Field day for unethical staff.


Nkitinkiti Government Hospital

Main OPD. Consulting Room 1: Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea

Mr. Nipahiamboa: Good morning, Dr.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Good morning, Sir. How can I help you?

Mr. Nipahiamboa: My daughter is at home. She is going to Senior High School next week. I need a medical report for her that she has asthma so that she will not sweep and will not do other types of work in the school. I was told many of the girls last year got these medical reports. I will sort you out if you get one for me.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: But your daughter does not have asthma?

Mr. Nipahiamboa: No. But you medical doctors are trusted. If you get me the medical report, that is it. No questions will be asked.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Sir, I have never forged a document in my practice. This is not the first time I am going to do it.
Good morning.

Mr. Nipahiamboa: They told me not to come to Consulting Room 1. I should have listened to them. Last month, when I stayed home for two weeks without going to work, it was the doctor in Consulting Room 2 who gave me a report that I was sick. I will go there. If you won’t do it for me, he will do it.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: All the best.

Mr. Nipahiamboa: If you continue like this, you will never get money in your life.

Mr. Nipahiamboa leaves Consulting Room 1.

Consulting Room Nurse Sikayeadepa: Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea, you see why many of us nurses don’t want to consult with you? You won’t take gifts, you won’t sign these Police forms without receipts that your colleagues sign and get more money than their salaries every month. They give some of the money to their Consulting Room nurses, and they are happy.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: But you know this is wrong?

Nurse Sikayeadepa: You are the only one who doesn’t do it. You run your clinics till late at night and won’t give any money to your nurses. No wonder most of the nurses run away from your clinic.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: They don’t want to work with me but they send their relatives to my clinic?

Nurse Sikayeadepa: But you have time for your patients. Who doesn’t like that for their relatives? You don’t do locum. The others have to quickly rush through their clinics to go and do locum at Prof. Asempa’s private hospital, Opompojay Specialist Hospital.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: You want me to do that too?

Nurse Sikayeadepa: Money is good too. Look. Even the orderlies and security men make a lot of money in this hospital. Just this week, the head of security has made so much money. The parents who want medical reports for their children who are going to school, without bringing their children to the hospital. He takes money from them and sends them to Dr. Q in Consulting Room 3. Fast services.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Do you have evidence for this?

Nurse Sikayeadepa: Ah. Who doesn’t know this? I have worked with him for months.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: I am going to report this. Prof. Asempa is on sick leave. I am going to report to the Acting Medical Director, Dr. Dr. Anibie. Are you ready to give evidence when you are called?

Nurse Sikayeadepa: I won’t give any evidence.

To be continued.


The characters in this piece are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within your Corporate Institution is pure coincidence only.

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