Sycophancy: woes of Kwaku Nkrabea (Part 8)

Sunday, January 8, 2023.

Prof. Asempa brought unconscious to Emergency Room of his own government hospital. Nobody recognises him. Kwaku Nkrabea saves his life.

Thursday, 8:30pm. Emergency Room, Nkitinkiti Government Hospital

Sister Nightingale: Some good Samaritans brought a man in a Taxi. He is unconscious. Should they bring him in?

Sister Abrewa: To come and lie on the floor again? I cannot nurse patients on the floor. My waist hurts. The Emergency Room is full. There are no beds. Let them send him to Opompojay Specialist Hospital, Prof. Asempa’s private hospital.

Sister Nightingale: You know Opompojay will not take him. First, he doesn’t have any relatives with him. Without anyone to pay, they won’t accept him. Secondly, you know they want a zero mortality rate. If someone dies there, they will not get customers. People don’t die there. This man can go and spoil their record.

Sister Abrewa: We cannot just ask them to send him to the next district hospital too. It is too far. He may die on the way. Our ambulance is also not working.

Sister Mempeadwuma: People should not come and disturb us this night o.

Sister Abrewa: Let’s call the most senior doctor on duty to see what can be done. Who is on duty?

Sister Nightingale: Dr. R is on duty. You know he has been on night duty this week but he has never been here. He will not come if you call him. He does locum at Opompojay. He spends the nights there.

Sister Abrewa: When he should be at post here and the government is paying him? So who should we call?

Sister Nightingale: Let’s call Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea. He has worked the whole day but you know he always comes when he is called.

Sister Abrewa: Let’s call Dr. R first…

Sister Nightingale: I called Dr. R. He says he is not immediately available. We should call one of the young doctors.

Sister Abrewa: I called Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea. He is on his way. There he comes.

Kwaku Nkrabea: Get the man from the Taxi into the Emergency Room! Who is in the VIP room?

Sister Abrewa: It is a young woman. Prof Asempa’s niece. She is not really sick. She said she felt tired and Prof. Asempa told the morning staff that they should keep her there to rest and observe her.

Kwaku Nkrabea: Amazing! Discharge her and take the man to the VIP room. That is the only bed we have now.

Sister Abrewa: Prof. Asempa will deal with you again o.

Kwaku Nkrabea: I say discharge her!

Sister Nightingale: The man is unkempt. The good Samaritans say it seems he was jogging by the road side when a vehicle knocked him down and sped off.

Kwaku Nkrabea: His blood sugars are very low. Let’s get him 50% glucose!

Sister Nightingale: There is none here. It is ‘cash and carry’ at the pharmacy. The good Samaritans who brought him have no money.

Kwaku Nkrabea: I will pay for it. Take this money, let the orderly get it quickly!

Sister Abrewa: The orderly has not reported for duty. One of the good Samaritans is going to buy it.

Sister Nightingale: After the glucose, he has opened his eyes.

Sister Abrewa: He says he is hungry.

Sister Nightingale: What is your name?

Patient: Osagyefo Asempa

Sister Abrewa: Ei, that is Prof. Asempa!

Sister Nightingale: Prof. Asempa, you know we love you. We shall do everything to make you comfortable.

Sister Mempeadwuma: Yes, Sister Nightingale. Get the warm blankets. I will sit by him the whole night.

To be continued.


The characters in this piece are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within your Corporate Institution is pure coincidence only.

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