Sycophancy: woes of Kwaku Nkrabea (Part 10)

Monday, January 9, 2023.

Private practice in a Government Hospital

Friday. Nkitinkiti Government Hospital.

Consultant Ray: Matron Aseda, put the team together again. We have 4 cases for tomorrow dawn. The team you put together last week was great. If they work tomorrow as they did last week, I will increase how much I pay them per case. One patient is a top minister from an East African country. Another patient is one of our ministers. He usually goes to Dubai but this time Parliament refused to grant the release of money for his surgery.

Theatre Matron Aseda: Thank you, Consultant Ray. What will we do without you? I always say pay us in US Dollars like you always receive from the foreign officials.
Which Anaesthetist will come and handle the cases?

Consultant Ray: Anaesthetist CaseCancelled. I have sorted him out. There he comes.

Anaesthetist CaseCancelled: Good morning Sir Ray, Matron Aseda.

Matron Aseda: Good morning, Sir.

Consultant Ray: Good morning. We shall start at 5am prompt tomorrow. Are you ready?

Anaesthetist CaseCancelled: Sure. I just cancelled two cases today so the Recovery Ward will be free tomorrow morning.

Consultant Ray: See you at dawn tomorrow.

Saturday. 10am. Theatre. Nkitinkiti Government Hospital.

Dr. Ahuofe: Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea, the night was tough with emergencies. How is the man I called you to see? Did you do the surgery? Was is acute appendicitis?

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Yes, it was acute appendicitis. He is recovering after surgery. He could have died. You did a good job to resuscitate him. We finished the surgery not long ago.

Dr. Ahuofe: How come? You should have done it at dawn.

Dr. M: Dr. Ahuofe! Hurry up. Do you want a lift? I just came for my glasses that I forgot in theatre yesterday. If you are not ready to go with me, I will leave you here.

Dr. Ahuofe: Dr. M, please wait. Something interesting needs to be discussed.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Hmmm. When we brought the man to theatre, Consultant Ray and his team were performing their special private operations. They did 4 cases. They asked me to call the morning team because they wouldn’t do my case.

Dr. Asempa: Ei. This week too?

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Hmmm. You know they don’t record these operations in the operation book. So nobody can tell how many cases they do. They use hospital electricity, hospital devices, gloves and all but give nothing to the hospital.

Dr. M: Kwaku Nkrabea, don’t get me angry. Consultant Ray looked for money himself to pay and go and learn these special surgeries abroad. The hospital did not sponsor him. Then he bought some special equipment he uses for the surgeries himself. The hospital didn’t pay for that too. The country should be grateful that we have people like him.

Dr. Ahuofe: Then why doesn’t he leave this government hospital and go solely private?

Dr. M: He is just making sure that some poor people will also have access to his services.

Dr. Ahuofe: Which poor people? He takes money from all of them that he pockets. No official receipts from the hospital.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: Look at Anaesthetist CaseCancelled. He is always cancelling our regular cases that they are not fit for surgery, but somehow, he manages to get these patients who pay privately to him fit for surgery.

Dr. M: As for me, I support innovation. I think they are helping the hospital and the country if the hospital and country will not take the initiative. As for Kwaku Nkrabea, with his mentality, he will die a pauper. If I had his skills, I would be a millionaire in this country.

Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea: I hope one day, you will not complain when you or your relative find yourself on the other end.

Dr. M: Dr. Ahuofe, let’s go.

To be continued.


The characters in this piece are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within your Corporate Institution is pure coincidence only.

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