Sycophancy: woes of Kwaku Nkrabea (Part 7)

Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Prof. Asempa explodes on Kwaku Nkrabea on NASPADO WhatsApp platform


On the WhatsApp platform of the National Association of Skillful and Patriotic Doctors (NASPADO):

Prof. Asempa: Dr. Kwaku Nkrabea, I have been reading the gibberish you have been spewing on this platform and on other platforms. I have not responded yet because I have been busy travelling and doing some administrative work.
What Medicine do you know? You can be my son. When we started practising Medicine, where were you? When we were setting up structures for medical practice in the country, where were you? When we were publishing in high impact journals, where were you? What have you published? What have you achieved in the medical practice?
Times have changed. In the early days, you dared not engage your bosses. When your bosses were coming, you would not even face them, you took another route. Nowadays you all think you are equal to your bosses.
At the appropriate time, I will discuss your insolence with the hospital management team.

Dr. R: Hmmm. I told Kwaku Nkrabea he would get into trouble.

Dr. T: This is what happens when you don’t know your level.

A: Prof. Asempa, we are all not like that. Some of us are learning under your feet.

B: Prof. Asempa, please don’t let one bad nut destroy all of us.

C: Prof., we respect you. Please continue to teach us your wonderful ways.

D: People like Kwaku Nkrabea will collapse this association.

E: Administrator, sometimes delete Kwaku Nkrabea’s posts that bring these problems on the platform.

F: I agree with E. Maybe we should even take Kwaku Nkrabea off this platform. Has he paid his dues?

G: Water will find its level. Kwaku has bitten more than he can chew. A good lesson for young ones who don’t respect.

To be continued.


The characters in this piece are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within your Corporate Institution is pure coincidence only.

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