Sirens – By Dr. Kennedy Brightson

(with permission from Dr. Brightson to share)

Friday, June 4, 2021.

There seems to be a rising wave of insults in Ghana now. What is happening? I was called from a meeting to rush to the rescue of a bleeding pregnant woman. I had no choice than to put my hazard lights, together with my head lights, on so that I could be permitted to meander my way through the heavy vehicular traffic to Dodowa. No driver wanted to give me way. I was so much insulted that my heart begun bleeding. A young man in a pick-up even scratched my vehicle and then we stopped to argue.

He was clearly at fault, but he kept annoying me. Then I had to leave because the patient could either lose her baby, her life or both. I got to the hospital and within minutes the patient was on the theatre table. Placenta praevia type II, partial abruption and incomplete rupture of the uterus.

The surgery was successful, but we had to resuscitate the baby. The baby’s heart beat started and we then rushed him to the Neonatal Intensive care Unit. Baby is fine.
Saved by the bell. If I had been delayed just 5 extra minutes, we would be here crying.

The question is, do I need a siren for what I do?

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