iBreastExam (and CervAIcal colposcopes) arrive in Battor – a new era for cervical and breast cancer screening in Ghana

The iBreastExam, which is USA FDA approved, enables scanning of the breasts by middle cadre staff (nurses, midwives etc) with little training making them detect breast lesions at the level of specialist breast surgeons. In fact, some studies have shown that trained nurses using the iBreastExam can detect some clinically non palpable breast lesions which specialist surgeons cannot pick up during Clinical Breast Examinations.

The CCPTC in early 2021 added training in early breast cancer detection to its training in cervical cancer prevention (screening and treatment of precancerous lesions of the cervix). The iBreastExam will be used together with Clinical Breast Examination, and trainees at the CCPTC taught to use it in their institutions across the country.

Apart from the ability to use middle cadre staff (not relying on medical doctors or specialist surgeons or radiologists) to reach out to women on CHPS compounds and in remote communities, unlike mammogragraphy which cannot be used for women with dense breasts (and is therefore generally reserved for women after 40 years old), this technology can be used for women of all ages, regardless of the density of the breasts.

The iBreastExam 


1. https://youtu.be/iZDc3O_MorQ

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Published literature


Dual screening for cervical precancer and breast cancer 

CervAIcal, a mobile colposcope, is integrated seamlessly with iBreastExam, which allows for breast cancer screening and cervical precancer screening/follow up at the same setting, even in decentralised or remote settings.

Disclosure: No staff in Catholic Hospital, Battor has any conflict of interest. We are motivated to get the most cost effective technologies in the world to the average woman in the world.

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