Character and destiny: national interest or personal interest?

Saturday, July 24, 2021.

About a decade ago, a consultant in Korle Bu likened me to Dr. Ghosh, the late Indian Obstetrician Gynaecologist who worked for many years in Korle Bu. This consultant was the first person to tell me I had similarities to Dr. Ghosh – performing difficult surgeries and how I ‘fight’ the system. Several people have since told me the same thing. I never met Dr. Ghosh.
The first consultant actually made a ‘prophecy’: That looking at my character, I was going to make a great impact in the field like Dr. Ghosh, but I wouldn’t be rewarded or honoured. Because I will fight with all those who will make the decision (behind closed doors) for me to be rewarded/honoured for my work…

I remember Prof. Frimpong Boateng (then Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation) said something interesting (to some people at the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre in Catholic Hospital, Battor) when he came 3 years ago to launch the apps we had developed to guide cervical precancer screening and treatment.
He said the people had to bear with me because “the same traits that made me successful will make me a ‘difficult’ person.”
I think he was talking from experience.

Am I worried about this? No. Should I change my character? Maybe, but to what? A more ‘likeable’ person that cannot change the system to make it much better than it is now? The first thing for me is positive change. Change that benefits the whole country, especially the average people in remote communities, which the next generation will come and enjoy. Personal reward is secondary.

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