The CCPTC achieves coverage of all 16 Regions of Ghana

Monday, May 24, 2021.

Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre (CCPTC),
Catholic Hospital, Battor.

Today we welcomed a new batch of trainees at the CCPTC. Before their arrival, the CCPTC had trained 132 health workers from 71 institutions in 14 Regions of Ghana. The two Regions that no health worker had been trained in were the Upper West Region and the Savannah Region. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the training programme in 2020.

After this training programme lasting two weeks, health workers from all 16 Regions in Ghana would have been trained at the CCPTC in Battor.
The CCPTC was opened on May 31, 2017 and started the current training modules in September 2017.
The focus now is to train health workers in all 260 districts in Ghana.

Our current trainees are:

  1. Ms. Matilda Atambire, Midwife and Acting Public Health Nurse, Damongo, West Gonja Municipality, Savannah Region.
  2. Ms. Prisca Nayiri, Midwife, Kabampe CHPS, West Gonja District, Savannah Region.
  3. Ms. Sarah Fian-Naah, Midwife, Mankarigu Health Centre, North Gonja District, Savannah Region.
  4. Ms. Judith Dongu, Midwife, Lingbinsi Health Centre, North Gonja District, Savannah Region.
  5. Ms. Prudence Benebere, Midwife, Lawra Municipal Hospital, Lawra, Upper West Region.
  6. Ms. Cynthia Angsotinge, Midwife, Lawra Municipal Hospital, Lawra, Upper West Region.
  7. Ms. Nai Christabel, Midwife, Lawra Urban Health Centre, Lawra, Upper West Region.
  8. Ms. Mildred Kaningen, Midwife, Lyssah CHPS, Lawra, Upper West Region.
  9. Ms. Pauline Debpuur, Midwife, Tuopare CHPS, Nandom Municipal, Upper West Region.
  10. Ms. Julia Dong-imwin, Midwife, Gengenkpe Health Centre, Nandom Municipal, Upper West Region.
  11. Ms. Evelyn Damankah, Midwife, Kadjebi Health Centre, Oti Region.
  12. Ms. Elizabeth Mensah, Midwife, Poase Cement Health Centre, Kadjebi District, Oti Region
  13. Ms. Sakina Ametepe, Midwife, Afegame CHPS, Agotime Ziope District, Volta Region.
  14. Ms. Abibatu Pio, Midwife, Kpetoe Health Centre, Agortime Ziope District, Volta Region.
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