Regulation of colposcopy practice in Ghana: is it time?

At the moment in Ghana it appears it is simple to practise colposcopy – get a colposcope and start practising.
How do we protect the public from people who have not been well trained to do this?


1. Will there be a Ghana Association of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology in future?

2. Who starts it?

3. Who qualifies to be a member – Medical doctors? Nurses? Midwives? Physician Assistants?

4. What kind of training is required to get one to be certified as a member of the association?

5. Do we have the human capacity and other resources to offer this training and certification in Ghana?
Where in Ghana can this be done at the moment?

6. Will this association regulate the practice of colposcopy in Ghana like elsewhere?
Will it be such that without being a member one cannot practise colposcopy in the country?
Or another regulatory body is needed?

Interesting times ahead for Ghana!

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