‘Nepotism in the hospital’ – enacted in a District Hospital in Ghana last weekend

Saturday, June 25, 2022.

Three (3) days ago, I received a call from a very senior person in one of the services. Last weekend, she was unwell. She reported to the District Hospital in the town she was. As soon as someone in the hospital recognised her, they came to her and tried to make her jump the queue. She declined and joined the queue.

Then there was this man, also a patient, who decided to use the typical Ghanaian ‘whom you know’ approach. It was not his turn but he knew a medical doctor in the hospital. The medical doctor was not on duty that weekend. He was in the next town. This man called the medical doctor he knows to call the medical doctor attending to patients. This was done and he was going to be made to jump the queue…

That was when the lady (a very distinguished woman) got angry and ‘lectured’ them on what makes a country great. She told me she told them about my articles on this subject…

Should everybody use influence to get advantage over the rest of the society?

Sometimes I feel sad when people don’t seem to understand this basic principle.
That our society will become a ‘jungle’ if we don’t stop this.

She actually told me I have no idea the number of people who are reflecting and changing their ways because of my articles and encouraged me to continue to write.
It was humbling.

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