Cervical cancer and breast cancer prevention in Ghana: a few questions to reflect on

Thursday, June 17, 2021.

  1. Do women in your town/hometown/community have access to breast cancer and cervical precancer screening services?
    [Note that breast and cervical cancer are the top two causes of cancer deaths in women in Ghana].
  2. Are you waiting for the government to set up screening units in your town/community?
  3. How long will it take to get a screening unit in your town/community if you wait for government to do it?
  4. What can you do to get breast cancer and cervical cancer screening units in your town/community?
    [You can sponsor health workers from your town/community to be trained to offer these services to save the lives of women in your community].

For more details on this, contact the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre (CCPTC) in Catholic Hospital, Battor on any of these numbers:
0558187888 or 0574050308.

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  1. Dr. Kofi Effah says

    “If you identify a national/societal problem that is not being given the necessary attention, that you think can be tackled better, that you can help solve, it is your duty to draw the attention of the authorities or the ‘powers that be’ to it. If they are unwilling to take the steps to solve the problem, you have three choices: to give up, to complain or ‘make noise’ forever, or to take it upon yourself to lead in solving the problem. Involving the private sector if the government is unwilling to commit itself is one of the ways.”

    – Dr. Kofi Effah.
    (Saturday, January 30, 2021).

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