New headmaster for T. I. Amass, Kumasi: emotions and reflections

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Today, I got information that Mr. Ayub Abdullah is the new headmaster of T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School, Kumasi. He takes over from Alhaji Yakubu Abubakar.
I am happy for several reasons:

  1. One of our mates is now the headmaster of T. I. Amass, Kumasi.
    Our class (Class of 1990) hasn’t done badly.

  2. Exactly 41 years ago (1981) my late father was appointed to this position. It is a position I respect.
    I have fond memories of our family travelling from Koforidua (where my father was Assistant Headmaster) to Kumasi.

  3. One of the students my father ‘nurtured’ has risen to occupy the position.
    I believe he would be very proud if he was around.

  4. It gives us an opportunity to reflect: 40 years from now, would we have ‘nurtured’ people who can take up our positions?
    What do we have to do for the next generation(s) to make them better than us?

I say ‘thank you’ to Alhaji Yakubu Abubakar and I wish Mr. Ayub Abdullah success.

  1. Jackson says

    May Allah bless him very well and help him do his work well 🙏

    1. Dr. Kofi Effah says


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