Teamwork important in health delivery, not power play or egos

Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Years ago, a nurse anaesthetist told me: “I don’t need the approval of any medical doctor/surgeon to transfuse a patient during surgery. I transfuse when I find it necessary, and I don’t tell the surgeon.”

I found the comments very unfortunate, and of course made him aware. Professional power play has made many health workers forget about the most important person – the patient. When I am operating, I try to communicate with everyone, so that we all anticipate challenges and work together for the best of the patient. I alert everyone when I anticipate massive bleeding…

You may not need my approval to transfuse a patient but one day, I may remind you that the patient has signed a form against blood transfusion (on religious grounds or other grounds). You might already have started the transfusion and must be prepared for a legal battle. I hope when that happens, the person will have the audacity to say in court that I don’t need the approval of anybody to transfuse a patient during surgery…

Teamwork is important.

  1. Juliet says

    Great piece. Thanks for sharing this reminder

  2. Agbenyega Awudi says

    God richly bless you for the good work

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