Sycophancy: woes of Kwaku Nkrabea (Part 18)

Wednesday, January 25, 2023.


Wrong ultrasound diagnoses of twins – two cases

Nkitinkiti Government Hospital

Maternity Ward Tuesday, 7am

Madam Abiba: I am going to have my twins today. At long last. The doctors say the caesarean section will be done this morning. Because of my two previous caesarean sections, it is safer to have a caesarean section before I go into labour.

Madam Nhyira: I am also going to have my twins tomorrow by caesarean section. The doctors explained that the first twin is coming with his legs. When it happens like that, there could be complications. There is even a small risk that the babies’ heads will lock…

In the Doctors’ Common Room

Dr R: I performed repeat ultrasound scans for Madam Abiba and Madam Nhyira. For Madam Abiba, I thought it was singleton (one baby).

Dr. T: Did you tell her what you found?

Dr. R: No

Dr. T: Why not?

Dr. R: Prof. Asempa has performed three ultrasound scans for her in this pregnancy. The last was last week.

Dr. T: He indicated twins in all three ultrasound scans?

Dr. R: Yes.

Dr. T: Hmmm. You know this can bring us problems if it turns out to be singleton.

Dr. R: Yes. But who am I to challenge the great Prof. Asempa?
Sometimes, I secretly admire Kwaku Nkrabea. I know many secretly admire him too. He would have gone to Prof. Asempa if he had a different opinion.

Dr. T: You know we are not trained like that in this country. I wonder where Kwaku Nkrabea got those traits.
He is in theatre going to perform the caesarean section.

Theatre 10am
At caesarean section

Kwaku Nkrabea: Big baby….
There is no second baby!
Please show the baby to Madam Abiba and tell her there is only one baby.

Anaesthetist Okyena: Madam Abiba has been sedated. She was anxious so I sedated her. This has to be explained to her when she is fully conscious after the surgery.

Scrub Nurse Nsempii: I hope this does not become a problem like we had last year when the woman said we had stolen her baby. There are seven of us here. We all saw that there was only one baby.

Wednesday, Maternity Ward 7am

Doctors’ Common Room

Dr. R: I understand Madam Abiba’s husband was mad yesterday when Kwaku Nkrabea explained things to them in the afternoon. They still do not believe it. They think the hospital has stolen their baby. They said that they are going to sue the hospital.

Dr. T: Madam Nhyira is also very anxious. She has asked her husband to be present in theatre today. They think their baby can be stolen. These things are not good for medical practice.
I am going to theatre to perform the caesarean section.

Theatre 10am
At caesarean section. Madam Nhyira under spinal anaesthesia, conscious…

Dr. T: Madam Nhyira, first baby out. Boy. He’ll be brought to you soon.

Madam Nhyira: Thank God.

Dr. T: Second baby out. Another boy.

Madam Nhyira: Thank God!

Dr. T: Ei. There is a third baby. A girl.

Madam Nhyira: What is happening in this hospital? I prepared for twins.

To be continued.


The characters in this piece are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within your Corporate Institution is pure coincidence only.

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