Responses to my piece ‘Blind solidarity and voting for a non performer to be adjudged the best’

I have permission to share them:

1st person: You have captured my views very clearly for me so with your permission, can I share this? I have refused to vote for such competitions unless I watch the program and I am convinced that I should vote and my 12 year old daughter has adopted that as well. Meanwhile, the only time I have voted though was when the organizers of nsoroma competition nearly kicked out the best candidate, who really deserved the crown. I was happy when Amandzeba Nat Brew, one of the judges, protested and he was reinstated. I then voted massively for him and he won the very first edition. It was clear the first runner up was popular but the guy who won was the best. I hope you get this article published in the daily graphic.

2nd person: I agree with u. I had this same sentiment with GMB girls. One from my home town sent a delegation to solicit for votes(VOTE BUYING). And these votes are not ONE CITIZEN ONE VOTE. U can buy as many votes as possible with the amount u donate. Meaning one person can actually buy as many votes as possible whether the contestant is deserves or not(FAMILY AND FRIENDS VOTING). I asked why they won’t allow as to watch and decide and they said EVERYONE DOES THE VOTE BUYING. So then it is NO MORE A HEALTHY COMPETITION.

I stopped short of something else
I told him to present his farms and animals OR his ideas to the commission and they should judge based on that since THOSE BUYING THE VOTES ARE BUYING HIM AND NOT WHAT HE HAS OR HAS DONE

He was angry. Others including my own friends bought the tickets and he won. But he would not have it easy with me. He said “his own father doesn’t like his success”

3rd person: We, Ghanaians,hv a morbid fear of the truth.
I incurred d wrath of a friend sometime ago bcos I didn’t support him in an argument. All d points he made to buttress his opinion were to say d least flawed. I was called,in fact h called on me to *settle” d argument/debate. I did the “unthinkable” by pointing out why his points were flawed.
He said I betrayed him n thus I am not a good friend!!!
I told him good friends are the ones who tell u the truth no matter what.
Anyway l,we r still friends after he had avoided me for sometime😊😊😊😊😊

4th person: Very true. Besides blind voting, there is an element of “Moneytocracy”.
You may be good and may know many people, but if the many people you know do not have ability to buy data or credit in abundance, they may not cast enougg votes for you.
Someone with money can also pay money (bribe) to people to buy credit and vote for them.

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