Responses: The Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz: why a Girls school is unlikely to win it

Response to The NSMQ article 


Response 1 (from a female medical doctor):

Menstruation and menstrual pain can be so debilitating.
Add the fuel of adolescence, learning to cope with a new scourge. I often had to be admitted for a day or two to get through the month. I always dreaded the cycling. It was embarrassing. I recall my father saying that he does not know why it is only his house that had to announce that women menstruate every month. This man grew up in a household with 1 girl- the last child. We were 5 girls, 3 menstruating girls.

I felt ashamed, accursed and so many other emotions that I cannot name. Thank God for growth and education and medicines.

Yes. And even gynaecologists who think they know and can determine how it should affect a woman’s capacity just amaze me. I was unable to go to school days at a time. Some of the mistresses initially tried to bully me back to class. When they found me crawling and sometimes unable to move, they just let me be.

Response 2:

Most of us ladies can relate.
Especially when the competition has no room for breathing. Back to back competition from seeding stage to finals. Most girls would have been on that part of the month at least once or twice before the competition comes to an end.



Top female athletes do not compete when menstruation.
Their doctors ‘regulate’ their menstrual cycle.

That is what I tried to bring out in the last paragraph.

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