Are there beings so huge that they will see us humans as microscopic?

Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Sometimes I try to imagine things, and think about situations which make some people think I am crazy. I am not perturbed. I remember the first time I saw the unicellular amoeba, years ago… under a microscope… I was intrigued. I had read so much about it, drawn it in examinations, and here it was. I was hoping it would divide, for me to see the ‘asexual reproduction’ I had read about. I didn’t get that chance.

If amoebae were ‘intelligent beings,’ could they imagine what humans are? That a human being could actually be watching them under a microscope? That this was Earth, part of the solar system, and that the solar system is smaller than a ‘dot’ in a vast universe? How big can amoebae imagine the universe to be?

Now let’s look at it in a different way:

  1. Could there be other beings so huge compared to us humans, that they see us as microscopic?

  2. Are these beings ‘intelligent’?

  3. Could they be watching us with a magnifying device (and perhaps laughing at how ‘stupid’ we are)?

  4. Could these beings also be worshipping a supreme being (which most likely, they will say is superior to the ‘supreme being’ many humans believe in)?

The universe is vast. It will be impossible for humans to completely understand it. Once in a while we have to think about ‘absurd’ things and acknowledge our limitations.

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